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Posted by Arlindo B. Araujo | Jun 27, 2024 | 0 Comments

Policies change every day in immigration, especially as you go around from state to state. However, in New Jersey, there are opportunities that range from applying as a:

  • Refugee for asylum has to fall under the following: 

    Fear of Persecution:
    1. Political Opinion-  Based on beliefs that relate to politics or such activities that result in putting you in harms way. 
    2. Religious Beliefs- Based on religious beliefs or practices that have put you in harms way which resulted in you being in harms way. 
    3. Nationality- Based on the ethnic or national origin in which you identify as that has resulted in you being in harms way. 
    4. Membership in a Particular Social Group- Based on other identifying factors which relate to gender, sexual orientation, or membership of a specific group in which you affiliate with that resulted in you being in  harms way. 

  • Student for educational purposes (DACA Program):

    You must be younger than 16 years old in the United States, have continuously lived in the USA since June 15, 2007 and have been physically present in the USA since June 15, 2012 and MUST currently be in enrolled in a school or have graduated and obtained a high school degree. All oh which consist of having no felonies. If you have checked all these off, great! If not, call us, we may have other key facts that will help you out!

  • Soon to be married couple- Congratulations!

    Consult with an attorney first, before marrying, there are some key facts you should know about before living happily ever after that can help you both. Such as which visa you may be eligible for. 

    If your situation falls under any of the following: 

    1. Family
    2. Employment
    3. Witness/victim of a crime
    4. Miscellaneous 

    Call us immediately!

    There is a process for all these opportunities, in which we are sure you have many questions over. So to make this a smooth sailing...

Let us help you, book a consultation now to learn more on how you can start the process! 

Here are some helpful links:

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