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Gained Citizenship in New Jersey

June 2024

Client became US citizen today despite material misrepresentations regarding marital history over 20 years.

Out client successfully obtained U.S. citizenship, despite having made material misrepresentations regarding their marital history more than 20 years ago. This significant milestone in the client's life marks the culmination of a long journey, that thankfully to us has now ended. Despite the challenges posed by the inaccuracies in their marital history, which could have potentially hindered their naturalization process, the client has now become a U.S. citizen. This achievement underscores the importance of persistence and the thorough examination of the client's overall eligibility and circumstances.

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Practice area(s): Immigration

Court: New Jersey

Arlindo B. Araujo

Decades of practical experience, Arlindo “Art” Araujo has counseled and advised clients in many areas of the law.  Arlindo handles administrative, bench and jury trials in the areas of family law, immigration removal / deportation matters, civil, criminal and personal injury litiga...

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